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Eye Am Sheva

Set Of 12 Assorted Kaftans

Set Of 12 Assorted Kaftans

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About Set Of 12 Assorted Kaftans

This set of twelve kaftans includes a variety of African-inspired prints in multiple colors. Designed for a universal fit, they are suitable for anyone seeking to diversify their clothing options. Patterns range from bold geometrics to traditional motifs, in both vivid and subdued colors. These kaftans are practical for daily wear or events, providing a comfortable choice for any occasion. Each set contains different kaftans, and the specific pieces you receive can vary, adding an element of surprise to your wardrobe update.

Each piece in the set showcases a unique, eye-catching design.
One size fits all design ensures a relaxed and comfortable fit..
Fabric composition is primarily 100% rayon, known for its softness and fluid drape.

Size & Fit:
The free-flowing nature of kaftans offers a generous fit that is accommodating to all body types.
The one-size-fits-all design eliminates the guesswork of sizing, making it a great gift option.

Materials & Care:
Most kaftans are crafted from 100% rayon, which provides a luxurious feel.
To keep these garments looking their best, follow care instructions carefully—usually a gentle hand wash is recommended.

Made in India

SKU: C-WF499

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