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Crystal Tower Oil Burner

Crystal Tower Oil Burner

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Crystal Tower Oil Burner

About Crystal Tower Oil Burner

The Crystal Tower Oil Burner is a stunning addition to any home. It features a small tower of offset glass squares layered on top of each other, with a wavy oil dish on top to match the color of the tower. The beautiful design adds a modern touch to wherever you place it. Use this burner to burn any fragrance oil in your collection with ease. It is perfect for turning your home into a paradise.

The attached cord allows you to adjust the lighting with 3 different brightness settings. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can pick your favorite color to enhance your bedroom dresser or pick a color that matches the décor of any room you’d like to use the burner in. Simply plug in your burner, add your oil to the dish, turn on the light, and indulge in the aroma filling the room. To dispose of the oil, wipe with a napkin or cloth and wash the dish with soap and water. Enjoy your favorite fragrances with style with this crystal tower oil burner. O-183

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