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Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe Bird

Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe Bird

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About Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe Bird

The Grand Bubu in authentic African mudcloth is an outfit that's perfect for cultural events or for capturing attention. It's simple to throw on over pants or to wear alone, offering flexibility for different looks and a strong connection to African traditions. The Grand Bubu is detailed with bold patterns, including a standout lion design that adds to its distinctive character. Each robe is completely unique and no two are the same.

Made entirely from traditional African mudcloth
Each piece is unique with no two being exactly alike
Comfortable, loose sizing and a length to fit all sizes

Size & Fit:
Approximately 46" wide and 52" long
One size fits all for a versatile and comfortable fit

Materials & Care:
Crafted from authentic mudcloth for an original look
Each Bubu is handcrafted in Mali, ensuring genuine quality
Since each piece is unique, care instructions may vary

Made in Mali.

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